Seamless Guttering

Gutters are not something many homeowners think about often, but without them your home could be susceptible to serious problems. Underestimating the potential of water damage can lead to costly repairs down the road. Like any home improvement task, there are different levels of quality in the products available. Our experienced team can discuss the differences in gutter options so you understand exactly what you are getting for your investment and can find the most suitable solution for your home.

How water damage can be harmful
Left alone with no path to follow, water landing on the roof can run down the sides of your home. While it travels it can damage or discolor wood siding, trim, paint and caulk in its path. Other parts of the home may rot due to the moisture. When this water is paired with an improper drainage system around your home, the problems can add up quickly. Excessive settling can result in cracking in brick joints or the sheet rock. In worse cases, this can also mean doors and windows many not open and close properly as the foundation shifts.

How gutters protect your home
Gutters are a simple duct that diverts water running off your roof, channeling it away from the walls of your home and the foundation. At the end of each horizontal duct that runs parallel to the roof are vertical pipes called downspouts that carry the water to the ground. At the bottom, elbows and extensions move the water away from the perimeter of the home. Some more elaborate systems may connect to a storm drain pipe, depending on the regulations on drainage for your lot or area. With the water carried away is does not sit at the foundation. By creating a path for the water you can minimize the damage to many parts of your home.

Why seamless guttering has become popular
Seamless guttering uses sections that are custom cut to the length of your home. They are free of seams that are seen in other installations for a custom fit. Unlike sections that can shift over time, the only seams that you might see are at the corners and in seamless installations these joints are securely fastened for leak resistance. The lack of seams also helps prevent debris from getting trapped creating the possibility for any water to pool in that area. From a decorative standpoint, you can choose from a variety of colors to match your home.

What will we talk about in selecting the best gutter system for your home?

  • The material we recommend
  • How our water capacity compares to other options
  • Our construction and installation process
  • Proper maintenance to keep the system performing well