At Black Hat roofing contractors of Tulsa we know all about roofs and how important each and every aspect of them combine to make your home energy efficient, safe and secure for your family including the ventilation system.

Did you know that 90% of all homes have an inadequate ventilation system? Although most people never really give the ventilation system of their homes a second thought it is actually one of the most important parts of the roofing system. The ventilation system of your home is in place to circulate the air around your attic or crawl space keeping it fresh and moisture levels low. Without adequate ventilation moisture levels increase damaging the roof deck which reduces the life of your roof and allows mold to develop in the insulation which reduces its efficiency. The correct level of ventilation is critical but can be incredibly confusing. Below you will find a few of the many myths surrounding the roof ventilation system.

1) Ventilation is not subject to your factory warranty
Wrong, lack of proper ventilation can and will cause your roof system to wear out prematurely. Signs of inadequate ventilation are cracks, blisters, and curling shingles. More importantly, lack of ventilation negates your shingles factory warranty. Remember, your roof is a full working system to protect your home.

2) More air is best
Just like choosing the right air conditioner or heating system to fit your home the ventilation system needs to be just the right size to fit. Insufficient ventilation can lead to moisture problems during the winter and decreased energy efficiency during the summer, but too much ventilation can be just as bad allowing heat to escape in the winter and more places where roof leaks can occur.

3) Roof vents are for warm climates
Not true. Although a ventilation system can help you to keep your home cooler in the hot summer months the need for moisture control is much more pronounced where it gets cold during the winter months like here, in Tulsa.

4) Roof ventilation units allow warm air to escape in the winter
Nope. In fact, your attic or crawl space is NOT supposed to be heated by your furnace system and if it is you may want to consider new insulation. If your insulation is inadequate it could allow warm air into your attic or crawl space and when warm air mixes with cold it creates moist air that hits your roof which is likely to form condensation that will lead to further deterioration of your insulation and/or wood rot in your roofing deck. A properly insulated and ventilated attic or crawl space should match the temperature outdoors after the sun goes down.

An inadequate ventilation system can significantly reduce the life of your roof, create problems such as wood rot in the roof deck materials and decrease your home’s efficiency in both the summer and the winter. Let us help with a free inspection of your roof’s ventilation system and expert advice on how to repair any problems.

At Black Hat roofing contractors of Tulsa we understand the importance of having a solid, dependable roof over your family’s head. That is why we only use top of the line materials, the newest technologies and experienced personnel for every job we do.