Roof Leaks - Repairs

Roof Leaks and Repairs

Is your roof leaking? Are you sure? Usually when we picture a roof leak we think about water dripping from the ceiling and pots, pans or buckets scattered all over the place to catch the drops, but just because water is not actively dripping from your ceiling does not mean that your roof has not developed a leak or weak spot. Read on to discover the signs that your roof may be in need of a little TLC from us, Black Hat Roofing contractors of Tulsa.

Inside the home

Most of the time, the first sign of a problem with your roof will be seen inside the house. Have you noticed any stains on your ceiling, flaking or bubbled paint, peeling wallpaper or discoloration around walls and ceiling joints? All of these signs can be advance notice that there is a problem with your roof. The first sign of a potential roof problem is not when water comes pouring into your home. The first sign of roof trouble is often a slight discoloration in the paint color along your ceilings due to condensation or water seepage through the shingles or flashing.

In the Attic

After a heavy rain go up to your attic or crawl space and carefully look around the roof decking, joints and rafters for any stains, damp spots or moisture. Pay particular attention to any areas where items like the air conditioning unit or chimney come into the home. Damp spots and stains could be a roof system failure or a sign that the attic or crawl space is not properly ventilated which could also lead to roof trouble later on. If you do find the attic or crawl space of your home is damp give us a call for a free inspection right away.

The roof

There are several signs that your roof may need repair or replacing including bare spots, broken shingles, buckling, curling and clawing as well as weak spots or problems around flashing.

Did you know that 80% of all roof leaks are from the flashing? Roof flashing are materials used to cover holes and gaps that do not get covered by the primary roofing materials. Flashing is generally used around chimneys, air conditioners and anything else that penetrates through your roof, where two sloping roofs form a valley or a where your wall intersects with your roof.

Although your roof may not be leaking right now it is still a good idea to call in a professional roofing contractor in Tulsa like us, Black Hat for a fast free inspection twice a year during the spring and fall. Your roof is a major investment and regular inspections and repairs can stave of total roof replacement as long as possible.