Emergency Roof Assistance

Is it raining inside your bedroom?

A sudden leak in your roof can be a serious issue requiring fast thinking to make sure that the damages do not become more serious then they already are. At Black Hat roofing contractors of Tulsa we understand and want to help. Follow the simple steps below to minimize the damages and then give us a call as soon as possible 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

1) Do NOT climb up on your roof
A wet roof can be extremely slippery and dangerous. Do not climb up on the roof to look for the problem yourself. Call us. At Black Hat roofing contractors of Tulsa we have the knowledgeable staff and specialty equipment to safely inspect your roof and make any necessary repairs.

2) If water is dripping INSIDE your home
If the leak is more or less minor, the first thing you will need to do is to find the source; unfortunately, finding the source of the leak means climbing into your attic or crawlspace. Grab a flashlight and shine it around your roof in the area directly above the leak to see if you can find the spot. If you can find it then you can place a bucket under it which should help keep the damages from your ceiling, floors and furniture. Once that is done thoroughly dry the ceiling, floor and any furniture with a towel or two and call us right away.

3) If a tree or other debris has caused the problem
Again, it is very important that you do not attempt to climb up on your roof yourself. If your roof suffers extensive damages due to a tree, telephone pole or other debris your best bet is to call us right away. Do not attempt to deal with the problem yourself since a structural problem could worsen just from your weight.

4) Call Us
Even if the rain stops and you get the leak stopped do not wait to call us. A roof leak can cause more damages then you can easily see with your eyes waiting too long to make repairs can led to bigger problems including a rotted roof deck, mold and other problems.

The weather in Oklahoma can be a real mess. Ice, snow, hail, wind and good old fashioned rain storms can cause unexpected damages to your roof’s structure and weaken its integrity resulting in leaks or damages due to trees, power lines or other debris. When trouble with your roof occurs you need to call the best roofing contractors in Tulsa, Black Hat Roofing. At Black Hat Roofing we know that even a minor leak can cause serious concern.