Metal Roofing

If your home needs a new roof, you may be considering what type of shingles to use, but there are more options available on the market that should be evaluated for your home. Metal roofing can be used in both residential and commercial applications and offers many benefits over other methods.

Since most people may not think about metal roofing as an option right away, take the time to learn more about the benefits of this choice. Longevity over other materials is one reason homeowners and businessowners consider the investment in a metal roof. Other reasons people look at this option are concerns over fire safety and energy efficiency.

While you are exploring all the choices for a new roof, we can discuss your budget, your needs and any other concerns you have to see what the best option for you will be. We can also discuss the benefits and concerns of specific products so you truly know what you are buying.

It is essential to understand that not all metal roofing is installed the same way, and that is a major factor in both the price and performance of a new roof. We use the The WeatherBoss® Standing Seam Roof Panel system in our installations. Unlike other techniques that use a screw down method, this system uses clips that allow pieces to overlap, creating a tighter seal.

Some questions we are frequently asked include:

What are the differences in installations methods?
Metal roofing needs to be responsive to thermal movement (expansion/contraction). There are a few common problems possible as a result of the screw down method. The attachment screws can back out as a result of the movement. Over time the metal panels can be damaged around the attachment screws, and the rubber washers on the screws can break. Using the clip method, a machine for seams joins the sections. This options provides a water-tight roof with no exposed screws, that manages the changes due to thermal movement.

What will the metal roof look like?
From an appearance standpoint, metal roofing has become more aesthetically pleasing for both commercial and residential settings. Chances are you have seen a metal roof and not known what material it really was. We can discuss your design preferences and what solutions we can provide.

Will I be required to do a lot of maintenance?
Any roof you have installed comes with a basic amount of maintenance, caused by the exposure to the elements. Because of the variations in materials and styles available, the maintenance varies by product. While selecting a product you should ask about the long term care plan, and weigh that against the benefits. Since metal roofs are designed to last longer than asphalt shingles, you will also want to consider the value of not having to go through replacements as part of the equation.

There are many aspects to selecting a new roof. Whether you were already considering metal roofing for your home, or you are new to the idea of these materials, take the time to let us provide the information you need to make the best selection for your property.