There is a common misconception that you can insulate your home better just by adding more insulation to what is already there. In some cases, the product you currently have needs to be removed and replaced, not just increased. Because insulation is often unseen and unchecked for years, it may not be something homeowners think about for maintenance.

Taking the time to evaluate the existing material that is in your home to inspect for signs of rodents, damage or inefficiency is an essential first step. If your home requires insulation removal as part of the improvement process, our technicians are trained to safely and effectively remove the current materials. Whether you are looking to improve the efficiency in your home, addressing ventilation issues or getting a new roof at the same time, insulation is an important part of your home.

Removing unsafe materials
Rodents and leaky roofs are two of the main reasons insulation can become unsafe and need to be professionally removed. Consider how these damaged, dirty or contaminated materials contribute to the air quality in your home. What is sitting in your insulation may be some of what you are breathing in, and any items that your store nearby can also be getting contaminated.

Utilizing more efficient options
The materials that were on the market even a decade ago are not nearly as efficient as the choices homeowners have today. Removing the old insulation from your attic or crawl space can make room for more advanced products, keeping the warm air in during cold winter months for increased comfort in your home. After the insulation removal process, you can also get a better idea of the entire space to properly reinstall the new product.

Reclaiming lost space in the attic
In situations where insulation has been incorrectly installed, it can take up valuable room. For attics that are also used for storage, removing excess insulation can allow you to reclaim space. When old blown insulation starts leaking out, it can be time to contain that mess, replace it with new materials and have that area cleaned up.

Insulation removal may seem like a task any homeowner can tackle on a weekend, but there are some reasons that trained professionals often do this job. When you are removing the damaged insulation it is important to keep it contained from other parts of your home during the process. Considering that the materials may contain dust, debris or even animal feces, bringing in an expert with the proper equipment can protect your entire residence from contamination.

When you are looking for a contractor for this work, ask about their process to make sure their plans include a professional approach and equipment, not just having a crew drag old insulation out. In addition to the dirt in old insulation, fiberglass particles can be released when the insulation is not correctly removed from the house.

If you have been considering upgrading the insulation in your home, call our team of experts to understand how this process can make your living space safer and more comfortable.