What starts as a simple roofing job could require more than just new shingles after a thorough inspection and evaluation. Whether you are already aware of current issues, or suspect that your new roof will require some carpentry tasks as well, make sure the contractor you are working with can handle what comes up on the job.

We know home repairs can be stressful, so we look to simply the process from a single bid, through multiple tasks being managed through a single contractor. Our team can take on chimney chase rebuilds, roof rebuilds and drywall. Addressing the carpentry aspects can allow you to have a job done right the first time. We can provide a comprehensive plan for your home.

Chimney Chase Repair
If your home has a chimney, one piece you may not have even heard of could be causing damage to your home, without you knowing. Also referred to as a chimney cap, the chase cover is a metal piece for keeping snow, rain or animals from entering the home. Over time, the metal can rust and deteriorate, allowing water in and creating damage to the chase and sometimes even further. If the chase has been harmed by this moisture, we can work with you to create a plan to repair and if needed replace it. In cases where the chimney is leaning or unstable, we can discuss the option of removing as much as needed and then rebuilding.

Partial or Complete Roof Rebuilds
When the wood underneath the shingles gets damaged, your home may require a rebuild of the roof. Once roof decking is rotted, it cannot be repaired, and must be replaced. Left untouched, water can get into the insulation and cause mold or mildew and even travel farther into the home. The decking is not the only area that can require rebuilding. Some homes experience dry rot on the ends of gable rafters, and this is another area that must be addressed. Any other parts of the roof support that have been compromised should be inspected as well. Although some homeowners may consider attempting this as a project, it is important to make sure you have the equipment and knowledge to complete the job correctly.

Professional Drywall Installation
If signs of a roof leak are present in your home, drywall repair is likely needed. While the roof is being repaired or replaced, we can bring in a team to remove the damaged sections and replace it with a quality installation. In time, any visible history of the damage will be gone from your home. Being able to offer this as part of the services we provide clients in their job allows homeowners to work off one estimate from one company instead of dealing with multiple contractors.

An inadequate roof can harm your investment. Whether you need a new roof with minimal carpentry services, or damage requires a complete rebuild of your chimney chase, decking and other structural pieces, our team can be a trusted partner to walk you through the process.